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2006 Overview

Building Bridges: Monumental Needs, Capital Solutions 

20th Annual National Low Income Energy Conference
June 11-15, 2006
Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC 

Our nation's capital is a city of landmarks and symbols.  It represents that distinctly American combination of individual freedom and group cooperation, of exchanging ideas and acting to help one another.

This spirit of cooperation is the reason NLIEC was founded:  to bring together people from every interest area in the low-income energy field to focus national attention on the energy needs of low-income Americans. 

The theme of the 2006 NLIEC Low Income Energy Conference was Building Bridges: Monumental Needs, Capital Solutions.  It acknowledged the monumental needs faced by millions of Americans, including thousands of families in Washington, DC, itself.   

To meet those needs, we must have capital solutions — solutions achieved through consensus among lawmakers in our nation's capital, solutions based on capital (excellent) ideas, solutions accompanied by the capital (financial resources) to get the job done.

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