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2010 Speakers & Presenters


(Click on the names of speakers/presenters whose names contain a hypertext link to view Adobe Acrobat versions of their presentations or handouts. For speakers or presenters who took part in multiple workshops, each presentation or handout is identified separately in the parentheses following their names. Please refer to the "Schedule" section for workshop descriptions)


Abney, Charlotte (5C, 7F)
Alexander, Barbara (Plenary 1, 4A, 4A-Handout)
Baker-Branstetter, Shannon
Berger, Jacqueline (2B, 5B, 6C)
Biedrzycki, Carol
Brandon, Ivan
Briesemeister, Janee
Brister, Elizabeth (Handout: Map)
Brothers, Tanya
Brown, Shari
Buckalew, Michelle
Butler, Yolanda
Cain, Jim
Campbell (3G, 4C)
Carroll, David (2B, 5B)
Carter, Gary
Choate, Jo-Ann (3A, 6A)
Christopher, Lauren (Handout)
Cisneros, Henry
Colton, Roger
Cook, Lynne
Cooper, Eric
Copley, Stephen
Corbett, Alita
Cowper Vogan, Elissa
Cummings, Norma
DeYoung, Michael
Dieterle, Jim
Doneghy, Marti
Eaton, Bob
Eisenberg, Joel
Elwood, Ron
Fay, Diane (Handouts: Draft Institute Letter, 2010 Institute Evaluation Form, Electricity 101, Energy 101, Letter to LIHEAP, Registration Form)
Gallant, Pamela
Gingold, Edward
Gogel, Ray (Plenary 1, 5A)
Gonzalez, Louis
Guarinello, Joe
Hansell, David
Harrell, Colette
Harris, Guy
Homan, Michael
Houghton, Adele
Howat, John (4F, 5D)
Hyland, Michael
Jacob, Jim
Jones, Kira (Handouts: 17.8 Draft, Propane Consumer Info, SB0468, SB0468 Final)
Joslin, Kay
Kelly-Diaz, Elaine
Kirkes, Tiffany
Knowles, Hal
Kuennen, Craig
Lancaster, Ashlie
Lawless, Gregg
Lehmann, Erika
Lim, Jessica
Locklear, David
Loftus, Mary
Lynch, Tom
Maynes, Clifford
Mendoza, Ronnie
Meraz, Delia
McDonald, Art
McKenzie-Mohr, Doug
McKim, Jerry (Handout 1, Handout 2)
Micheel, Douglas
Miller, Mitchell
Newton, Carolyn
Parke, Lindsay
Peach, H. Gil
Pedersen, Janna (1C Handout)
Perez, Delia
Pipes Brown, Marian
Pratt, Eva
Rábago, Karl (speech text)
Raum, Bree
Rhoads, Ellen
Rod, Kelli
Roehrig, Peter
Ross, Terry
Saenz, Steve
Shot With Two Arrows, Eileen
Sloan, Mike
Snyder, Lynn Page
Slocum, Tyson
Snidow, Danielle
Sperling, Gil
Stephan, Erica
Sterner, A. Tamasin
Stone, Jay
Strickland, Patrick
Sweeney, Carol
Thirdkill, Gloria
Toney, Mark
Torgerson, Melissa
Verchick, Robert
Wancheck, John
Ward, Janet
Wayne, Sr., James
Wein, Olivia (1D, 2D)
White, Sarah
Weynand, Phillip (4B, 6G)
Williamson, Michaele
Wolff, Nelson
Woods, Ingrid
Wrice, Pat
Wright, Christine
Wuerst, Jessie
Yamauchi, Linda
Yao, Hugh (1G, 7G)
Zambrano, Saul
Ziriax, Julie


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