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2008 Speakers & Presenters

(Click on the names of speakers/presenters whose names contain a hypertext link to view Adobe Acrobat versions of their presentations or handouts. For speakers or presenters who took part in multiple workshops, each presentation is identified separately in the parentheses following their names. Please refer to the "Schedule" section for workshop descriptions)



Charlotte Abney, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Barbara Alexander, consumer affairs consultant

David Alspector, graduate student, University of Colorado at Boulder

Ross Armstrong, eaga, United Kingdom

Lee Aronson, Legal Services of North Louisiana

Francine Artis, Tacoma Utilities

Capt. Dicky Bain, Navajo Nation Fire and Rescue

Scott Barnette, Colorado Department of Human Services

Jacqueline Berger, APPRISE, Inc. (4-C, 6-B)

Herb Betts, Colorado Department of Human Services

Carol Biedrzycki, Texas Ratepayers' Organization to Save Energy (1-G, 2-E)

Patty Bigner, Fort Collins Utilities

Lynn Billman, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (supplemental presentation)

Michael Blasnik, M. Blasnik and Associates (3-B, 6-B)

Ivan Brandon, National Fuel Funds Network

Janee Briesemeister, AARP (plenary, 8-G)

Karen Buller, National Indian Telecommunications Institute

Kateri Callahan, Alliance to Save Energy

Kim Campbell, TXU Energy

David Carroll, APPRISE, Inc. (4-C, 8-A)

Floyd Ciruli, Ciruli Associates

Christopher Coll, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

KJ Collamer, Allegheny Power

James M. Collura, New England Fuel Institute

Spencer M. Cowan, The Center for Urban and Regional Studies

Caleb Crow, Performance Systems Development

Tim Dahl, PPL Electric Utilities

Cindy Datig, Dollar Energy Fund

Sunny Dent, National Energy Foundation

Mary Drury, Southern California Edison

Chuck Eberdt, The Energy Project, Opportunity Council

Jason Edens, Rural Renewable Energy Alliance

Ron Elwood, Mid-Minnesota Legal Services

James Faber, Pikes Peak Community Action Agency

Renny Fagan, Office of U.S. States Sen. Ken Salazar

Pedro Flores, National Fire Protection Association

David Fox, National Low Income Energy Consortium

Kathleen Gafney, KEMA, Inc.

Pamela Gallant, Universal Service Administrative Company

Sharon Gamache, National Fire Protection Association

Howard Geller, Southwest Energy Efficiency Project

Ray Gogel, Xcel Energy

René Gonzales, Commonwealth Edison

Louis Gonzalez, Florida Power & Light Company

Robert Gough, Intertribal Council on Utility Policy

Sue Gove, Gove Group, Inc.

Lois Grant, United Way of Long Island

Robert Greenstein, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities

Jennifer Gremmert, Energy Outreach Colorado

Ron Grosse, Secretary, National Low Income Energy Consortium

Natasha Grossman, Northwest Institute for Children and Families, University of Washington School of Social Work

Joe Guarinello, HeartShare Human Services of New York

Bernita Hadley, The Piton Foundation

John Hamilton, CEDA, Chicago

Charlie Harak, National Consumer Law Center  (plenary, 4-H, 1-G)

John A. Harpole, Mercator Energy

Senator Gary Hart, University of Colorado (news coverage of speech)

David Hepinstall, Association for Energy Affordability

The Hon. John Hickenlooper, Mayor, City of Denver

Fenton Hyacinthe, Community Action of Minneapolis

Kelly Hymes, California Public Utility Commission

Jim Jacob, New Jersey SHARES (2-C, 3-G)

Kimberly Joyce, Aqua America, Inc.

Vivian Lausevic, American Gas Association

Leslie Lee, Delaware Department of Human Services

Sheila Lee, Southern California Edison

Pieter Leenhouts, Xcel Energy

Theo MacGregor, MacGregor Energy Consultancy

Ravi Malhotra, International Center for Appropriate and Sustainable Technology (iCAST)

Della McCurdy, Florida Power & Light Company

Patrick Miles, Fountain Utilities

Phil Miller, Consolidated Edison

Len Mize, SourceGas

Nathaniel Murrell, DC REACH, United Planning Organization

Peggie Neville, New York State Energy and Research Development Authority (5-G, 6-H, 8-B)

Alan Nogee, Union of Concerned Scientists

Jim Nolan, Montana State Department of Public Health and Human Services

Amy Oehler, Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

Jerrold Oppenheim, Democracy And Regulation (4-E, 7-G)

ZeeRamell Pace, THAW Fund

Tracy Parker, Edison Electric Institute

Jack Parkhill, Southern California Edison

Bob Patton, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (2-H, 3-A)

Bruce Pearce, Green Communities Canada

Michael Peterson, U.S. Department of Energy

Morgan Pitts, Presidential Climate Action Project, University of Colorado at Denver

Rafe Pomerance, President, Clean Air-Cool Planet

Ann Pride, Entergy Corporation (AR sheet, LA sheet, MS sheet, TX sheet)

Chad Quinn, Dollar Energy Fund (3-G, 6-C)

Henry Red Cloud, Lakota Solar Enterprises

Roger W. Rees, Oregon HEAT

John Rich, Mid-America Assistance Coalition

Tom Richards, Omaha Public Power District

Mary Robertson-Begay, National Fire Protection Association

Josephine B. Robinson, Office of Community Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Jen Rodriguez, Consolidated Edison

Richard Roldan, National Propane Gas Association

Nick St. Angelo, Office of Community Services, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Edwina Salazar, OUR Center, Longmont, CO

Greg Sawyers, Citizens Gas & Coke

Russ Shaber, Colorado Governor’s Energy Office (4-G, 8-E)

Eileen Shot, Rosebud Sioux Tribe

Dana Silk, EnviroCentre, Canada

Sean Smiles, Dollar Energy Fund

Marc Smith, Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States

Lynn Page Snyder, DC REACH, Energy Programs Consortium

Patrick Spears, Intertribal Council on Utility Policy

A. Tamasin Sterner, Pure Energy

Denise Sulski, Colorado Springs Utilities

Shane Sweet, New England Fuel Institute

Deborah K. Tewa, Arizona Department of Commerce

Frances Thompson, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Jodi Underwood, Citizens Gas & Coke Services

Patrick Walker, PERC/Information Policy Institute

James Wallace, Total Community Action, New Orleans

John Wancheck, Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Robert S. Webb, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Olivia Wein, National Consumer Law Center

Steve Weiss, NW Energy Coalition

Olga Wilhelmi, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Paul Wilkinson, American Gas Association

Patricia J. Wrice, Operation Fuel

Sandy Yuen, Ontario Power Authority


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